This summer, the West 18th Street Fashion Show  celebrated its 15th anniversary of showcasing spectacular fashion artistry and craftsmanship with a special theme: Invitational Summer. Rather than accepting applications based around a core concept, this year the producers invited runway alums and a select group of national designers to develop their own unique concepts for the event.

Heidi Herrman, in collaboration with Steve Gibson Photography, was excited to be a part of this event and debut her KC Icons collection. View the slideshow below to see pictures from the event.  Special thanks goes to partnered jewelry designer Lauren Markley, Vilma Subel and Geena Merciel of Xiphium Salon for hair, Bettina Mendez Delfin of Naturally Salon KC for make-up, and the models: Kaitlyn Schutz, Darci Clark, Beka Vande Velde, Hannah Hadnot and Summer Lee Kragel.